New Book on Religious Freedom

Last March, I was honored to be the recipient of the prestigious Charles Taylor Prize for the best work in Philosophy, on the 150th anniversary of Canada, for my work on “The Meaning of Religious Freedom.”

As you are probably aware, religious freedom, that is, your ability to lead a life where not only your belief in God plays a central role, but especially your ability to manifest that connection through your actions in every aspect of your daily life, has been constantly under attack by liberal and Marxist ideology operating through government agencies, supreme courts, and private institutions from around the world. In the face of such a challenge, it is important for us to be well informed, be able to identify the many unfounded arguments that are being employed, and especially know the reasons why we should defend religious freedom, and above all, practice religious freedom in our everyday lives.

Wipf and Stock, a publishing house from Oregon, has kindly accepted to publish my book. You can preorder your copies now! Once the book comes out in a few months, you will get a signed copy on the mail by yours truly.

I ask that you please donate US$40 towards the project (or $45 Canadian). You are most welcome to give more if you wish as well. If you would like to pre-order more than one copy (to give away as presents, etc.), please let me know, and I’ll send you those copies as soon as the book is published.

This is a great book for every one, regardless of your level of education (we all need to learn!), study groups, book clubs, formation courses, university classes, etc.

I suggest three ways of collaborating towards the project:


Please use the Contact page for more information on how to do this.


Once you click on the link, you will be asked to enter the amount and pay with your Credit Card. Very simple.


The other option is to become a Patron instead. In this way, you can give a small monthly donation ($5 or $10 for example), that will eventually help cover the cost of the book, plus other writing projects I have, such as a book on the education of virtue for parents (How to Help your Children Succeed), a book on the Parables of Christ, etc. There I also publish short articles on many topics, and answer questions from people of all walks of life. Once you become a Patron, you will get on the mail every book I publish, plus exclusive access to a lot of interesting material and articles, .

Thank you for considering getting a copy of the book!

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