Marxism and the University

A student of mine pointed out that there have been mass killings under Communist regimes. His grandfather, in fact, was imprisoned in China and tortured to death for not accepting the Marxist ideology. He asked me why is it that Marxism is often acceptable in colleges and universities in North America, while you are not allowed any religious perspective. Even more, Marxism presents itself as a religion. I thought that was a great insight.

Marxism in fact is is a political religion. Historically, Marxist totalitarian regimes pushed for the sacralization of a political system founded on an unchallengeable monopoly of power, ideological monism, and the obligatory and unconditional subordination of the individual and the collectivity to its code of commandments. The Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, for example, stated that Marxism is “the religion that has to kill off Christianity,” and that “it is a religion in the sense that it is also a faith with its own mysteries and practices, and because in our consciences it has replaced the transcendental God of Catholicism with faith in Man and his best energies as the only spiritual reality” (Antonio Gramsci, quoted in Gentile, Politics as Religion, 31). Marxism has infiltrated all levels of education all over the Western world. This is the work of Antonio Gramsci who proposed a kind of “cultural marxism,” more pervasive and even more dangerous than the violent forms of marxism.

The truth is, Marxism has been for a long time pushing aside other religious world-views in order to impose its own dogma on everyone else. In colleges and universities is the predominant religion nowadays, which is problematic because of its totalitarian character: no other view is usually allowed, and when you challenge that, its believers tend to become violent.

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