The illegal immigration problem in the USA

There is lately a lot of talk about illegal immigration in the US. While one side affirms that it is a crime, and therefore, if you willfully cross the border you become a criminal, the other side advocates compassion and an urgent immigration reform.

If I were to become the POTUS, I would do anything in my power to make the immigration system a fair system. And by that I mean that if many illegal immigrants are positively contributing to the USA, I would encourage laws that would make it easier for people like that to come to our country legally.

Many Americans argue that these people should come to this side of the border through legal ways. It is true; however, the process is not in place for most of these people to come to the US legally, even though the USA badly needs many of these hard working people. Thus, many times we are being hypocritical in demanding they come legally, for we need them here, and yet there is no system in place for them to come legally.

When Hispanics come to the US, most of the time it is out of despair given the corruption and violence in their home countries. Yet, even though what they do is illegal, they never do it with the intention of getting free food, shelter, medical and dental care, free money, welfare, etc. They work hard to earn what they have. Hispanic immigration has been a blessing. The problem is that there is no system in place to let these people come legally. We have to solve that, so that then we can in good conscience fight illegal immigration. Until that is done, all criticism is hypocrisy.

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