Dr. Pablo M. Iturrieta is a professor, writer, analyst, counselor, educational consultant, photographer, and explorer.

He holds a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy/Science, an M.A. in Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophical Psychology), and B.A. degrees in Philosophy, Humanities (Linguistics), and Religious Studies (Theology).

He has taught numerous undergraduate and high-school courses in the USA, Canada, and Argentina, on a variety of topics such as politics, metaphysics, ethics, logic, philosophy of human nature, moral theology, philosophy of religion, theology, and modern and ancient languages. He is also interested on a number of other topics, such as education, human rights, and the rights of businesses and institutions before the state, taxation, psychology, the human person, history, the relationship to the divine, Sacred Scriptures, and linguistics.

He has also lectured in numerous conferences in the USA, Canada, Italy, and Argentina, and has offered philosophical and spiritual counselling to a great number of people.

He speaks English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. He is also very fluent in Latin and Ancient Greek.

He spent the last few years doing research on religious freedom and its impact on the public life of our secular contemporary societies. He just finished writing a book on The Meaning of Religious Freedom in the Secular Public Sphere, and is working on the Spanish version of the book. His next projects include finishing writing a book on children’s education in virtue and character, and a series of educational topics on Youtube in both English and Spanish.